What will the world look like in 2025? How will the climate crisis, the pandemic, and the technological revolution shape our lives and our style? These are some of the questions that WGSN, the global authority on consumer and design trends, and Coloro, the global authority on the future of color, have explored in their latest forecast for the key colors trends for Autumn Winter 2025 2026.

“Acceleration” is the overarching theme for the colour forecast, the two organisations said in a press release issued earlier last month.

“As the climate crisis brings chaos and strange omens of decline (orange skies, green oceans), we will see an acceleration of change, both good and bad. Urgency, repair and reassurance will be necessities in this new reality, as is reflected in our A/W 25/26 colours.”

The forecast is based on a comprehensive analysis of the social, cultural, and economic factors that will influence consumer behavior and preferences in the next few years. The forecast also considers the environmental and ethical implications of color choices, as well as the technical feasibility and performance of the shades on different materials and substrates.

The result is a palette of five colors that reflect the urgency, repair, and reassurance that we will need as we face new challenges and opportunities in this new reality. 

Fashion Trend Autumn Winter 2025 2026 Key Colors

The five Colors that will define the fashion trends in Autumn Winter 2025 2026 are:

Celestial Yellow

A bright and optimistic yellow that evokes the sun and the stars. This color represents hope and positivity, as well as curiosity and exploration. It also connects to the growing interest in astrology and spirituality, as well as the fascination with outer space and the unknown. Celestial Yellow is a color that can inspire us to look beyond our current situation and imagine new possibilities for the future.

Fashion Trend Autumn Winter 2025 2026 Moodboard Celestial Yellow

Images: Jil Sander, Max Mara, Arch of Time, Abe Vizcarra, Al by Cristina Capucci, Daniele Gozzi, Dawei

Retro Blue

A classic and dependable blue that recalls the past and the familiar. This color represents stability and comfort, as well as nostalgia and heritage. It also connects to the increasing appreciation of vintage and retro styles, as well as the desire to preserve and cherish what we have. Retro Blue is a color that can help us feel grounded and secure, as well as connected to our roots and traditions.

Fashion Trend Autumn Winter 2025 2026 Moodboard Retro Blue

Images: Emporio Armani, Emporio Armani, Al by Cristina Capucci, WGSN, Markus Spiske, Archi & Piilou, Zuhair Murad

Cherry Lacquer

A deep and sensual red that evokes the night and the senses. This color represents escapism and indulgence, as well as passion and emotion. It also connects to the growing need for self-care and wellness, as well as the search for intimacy and pleasure. Cherry Lacquer is a color that can help us relax and unwind, as well as express ourselves and our feelings.

Fashion Trend Autumn Winter 2025 2026 Moodboard Cherry Lacquer

Images: Al by Cristina Capucci, Kim Chang Kyum, &Larry, Sergio Hudson, Chet Lo, Frida Kahlo, Prada, Reinaldo Kevin

Neon Flare

A bright and digital red that evokes the fire and the alert. This color represents urgency and activism, as well as innovation and disruption. It also connects to the rising awareness of the climate crisis and the social issues, as well as the rapid development of technology and artificial intelligence. Neon Flare is a color that can help us take action and make a difference, as well as embrace change and creativity.

Fashion Trend Autumn Winter-2025-2026 Moodboard Neon Flare

Images: Rupert Burt, Imane Ayissi, Goran Petmil, Weider Silveiro, Walerio Araujo, Pedro del Hierro, Al by Cristina Capucci, Christopher Farrugia

Future Dusk - Color of the Year

A dark and mysterious purple that evokes the dusk and the dawn. This color represents transformation and renewal, as well as mystery and magic. It also connects to the shifting boundaries between the physical and the digital, the natural and the artificial, the real and the virtual. Future Dusk is a color that can help us adapt and evolve, as well as explore and discover.

Fashion Trend Autumn Winter 2025 2026 Moodboard Future Dusk

Images: Ruohan, Emporio Armani, Six n Five, Unknown, LaQuan Smith, Al by Cristina Capucci, Lemaire, Al by Cristina Capucci

These five key colors are versatile and transseasonal, meaning that they can work across different categories, markets, and regions. They can also create a harmonious and complementary palette when used together, as they balance each other out in terms of mood, tone, and temperature. Moreover, these colors are responsible and sustainable, as they have been tested and verified by Coloro’s Feasibility Intelligence solution, which ensures that they are achievable and perform well on most fabrics and materials.

WGSN and Coloro have also announced that Future Dusk is their Color of the Year for 2025, as it best captures the spirit and the mood of the times. Future Dusk is a color that reflects the uncertainty and the opportunity that we will face in the next few years, as well as the need for resilience and optimism. Future Dusk is a color that can inspire us to embrace the new and the unknown, as well as to find beauty and meaning in the darkness.

The key colors for fall/winter 2025 are not just colors, but stories and emotions that can resonate with consumers and brands alike. They are colors that can help us navigate the future, as well as express our identity and our values. They are colors that can shape the future of fashion, and beyond.

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